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Grier Media Group

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Realityphorism Sage

Sayings of wise inspirational principles and advice for enduring life. 
By: RealityPoet(Inspirer):MR.BIGMANN Grier

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“Believe...“ Poem

“Focus On Being ...“  Poem

Its not the look you wear. Its the Attitude you wear with that appearance.

“Think Don't Drift ...“ Poem

“To Live In Bliss You Must Put 'Faith' In The Place Of 'Fear'“ Poem

When you awake you are being true to yourself...

Loyalty is being discipline and authentic with yourself

“It Will All Make Cent's When You Begin To Make Sense!“ Poem

“Don't Allow Problems ...“ Poem

The respective of your process perceives...

A mirror has no opinions...

“Life Gives You An Opportunity To Become An Opportunity In Lives!“ Poem

“Believe ...“ Poem

What you value must come from within you...

Founder/Chairman Carlos MR. BIGMANN Grier