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"RealityPoetry Ark of Inspirational Wisdom"

Read excerpts from "RealityPoetry Ark of Inspirational Wisdom," a collection of reality-poems and realityphorism sages from MR.BIGMANN Grier.

"You Are Somebody"

"Even if you think you are Nobody you are always Somebody.
For a Nobody is still somebody,
So realize you are Somebody!
No matter what is said by Anybody,
You are within the world amongst Everybody.
And if perceived as a Nobody,
Take the personal-initiative to be Somebody.
You are Somebody!
Not that perception of a Nobody! Everybody should always see themselves optimistically as Somebody.
So then, the Nobody, pessimistic hate can't stimulate depress in Anybody.
We are all Somebody!
Look in the mirror and say-
"I am Somebody!"
Well, who are you now as Somebody? Define yourself with positive embody.
The truth is, you have always been Somebody.
You simply had to exit the negatively perceived shell of a Nobody.
Now walk confidently into the world to win you Somebody!
Find a good friend or mate for Everybody is Somebody!"

“RealityPoetry Ark of Inspirational Wisdom“

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"Epistle of Purpose"

"Catch yourself before you get caught up living without yourself. Take your time getting to know yourself. Excuse the world's stereotyped perceptions of how you should be. Become the great individual you perceive yourself to be. Take precaution from precariously depending on others; become dependent on your own effort and intrinsic value. Allow the emanating of your creative strength to deliver your life a purposeful value. Allow this enlightening reality-poetry to positively inspire you. Hope gets high off ambition and progress have the passion for advancing. Without aim, you cannot hit a target; it is pointless to point towards no purpose. Have no objection to aspiring and conquer your weaker self. Alter any uneducated thoughts and nurture your maturing mind. Purposeful living writes the movie of your life story; you will only be able to blame yourself for not discovering your life's purpose."

"Yesterday Expired Inspiring Today's Hope"

"Yesterday expired yesterday;
It will never come back.
Live hopefully Inspired in the now;
For today is where your hopes are.
Disown dwelling in yesterday's impassioned past.
Forgive today or else yesterday lives on. Yesterday did not inspire a present hope to surpass;
No matter what yesterday suffered tomorrow's
Hope will not hold that sorrow. Absorb a hopefully inspirational energy of now;
Confidence today will show you how. Yesterday's expiration balances hope inspirations.
Today's manhood expired yesterday's boyhood;
Today's joy expired yesterday's pain;
Today's womanhood expired yesterday's girlhood.
Yesterday's loss invigorate today's gain; Yesterday's plight inspires today's might. Today's morning expired yesterday's night.
Overcome yesterday today;
For another experience is optimistically on its way!
Dismiss leaning on yesterday's expired times;
Let God be your inspiring hope
- Faithfully all the time!"

"No Plans"

"No plans for life is not living,
It is a confirmation of dying alive.
You need plans to conquer in life;
For a great plan executed supports your thrive.
What are your ideas of an ideal life?
No matter your dream it requires a structured plan;
A strategical plan can be a victorious scheme.
Therefore, map out your desired plan.
Undergoing the process of your plan
Will induce you towards a fruitful tree.
Nothing in life is subjugated without a plan.
Transcribing your plans are free;
Put in work with faith to be more than you thought to ever be.
The pursuit of Success can beget distress;
Yet, continue your course through struggle.
Persistence marinated ambitiously fuels plans to-
Excel beyond the top of any mountain.
For self-discipline keeps you focused.
You are dealing the cards, playing your own hand.
Forever aspire positivitely, disregard negativity.
The one without plans never triumphantly stands.
The future before you is far greater than your past;
For fulfilling your purpose begins with a plan."

"The Faith in His Manifesting Vision"

"They thought it would never happen;
Yet, the world viewed the-
Inauguration of President Obama.
To have Faith is to never say never!
Feel your vision just as you see it;
Your Faith will mainfest the vision you see.
How should one feel growing up to be put down?
Due to his actions being systematic to his Urbanhood.
The gestures of negation-
" Boy you're no good"
"You'll never be more than nothing"
Was the sound.
How could his dreams to success be found?
The heart of a man that beats Gangsterism profoundly.
Can't give in - won't give up!
His Faith ignites the feeling he has already won!
Damn, it's a must he stay down;
He'll come up over this hill-
FOCUS TO FLOURISH! Encouraging Faith to Prevail through his-
RealityPoetry Inspirational Brand!
He's become wiser demising his foolish will!
The world's rotation seems to make time easy to see;
When opposed with Life-
He reconstructed his mind to face
The world with a different perspective.
He awakened sowing his own wounds within his life healing himself discovering His purpose in the process.
He refuses to lose by Faith;
His reality is more than real.
No pleading, God negotiated his life deal.
A man who eradicated his hate not Allowing nothing to cloud his vision
And distract his focus energy.
Take a look at the glistening in his eyes;
The man who is too strong to cry,
Who life was dark as a prison hole,
Repentance of all his persecution helped
Him break the mold.
Praying for the forgiveness of his many sins relieved his Gangster-soul.
Becoming Righteous awakened his life to Rise optimistically beyond his past pessimism.
The Faith in His vision is manifesting!
Walking out the gates of a false-imprisonment into a healthy and wealthy life.
His Faith didn't think twice;
It's God's fate for him to freely crack the safe.
Today he breathes purposefully;
With Faith & Focus in his vision he sees beyond the odds.
Divinely he walks as his-
RealityPoetry Inspiration feeds the young & aged adults purpose to live.
The King who discovered the Kingdom of God resides within him-
Transpired the mind that conceived
A hundred billion dollars creating opportunities for others.
The man who lives a life that feels every beat of his heart.
To not have Faith in his vision will beget Him to be his own enemy.
For his loyalty is engraved within.
Empirical advantages changed his motives;
For his Faith and focus inspired purpose perception-
Enacting his manifested visual thoughts."


"Fate & Faith conceive a destiny to be confident;
Whatever you think about you can bring about.
Forget doubt and all negative people-shout!
You can progress from what has you down and out!
Life is a journey with many routes;
The hardest step is the first, don't give up
Especially when you've already begun to achieve;
When you dream it becomes your reality;
Only you can Manifest it into your reality!
Dreams do come true, it is all about you;
All is possible with persistence;
Nothing of the world is impossible with consistency;
All things of this world is for you;
All you have to do is feel your heart desires proceeding with effort and-

"The Pinnacle Of A Man"

"The culmination of man is to exert internal peace.
The warrior like energy of a man is to Exercise, fortify and prosperously increase.
MR.BIGMANN Grier knows sin as a past friend;
From experiences of being a dangerous man.
Growth in life is not living in vain;
For there are those men still stagnant, Not productively growing in life.
Beware of fraudulent men's claims;
For they emulate who they are not.
Being in favor of fake orientations
Will bring you a life blind pain.
Hope conveys true to reality despite
The breath of life being withdrawn by casualties.
Will an authentic man hate?
The question can be answered through love;
Invigorated poetically for many men to relate.
To live a lie is to despise truth!
The biggest secret in the world is
Hidden within every man's heartbeat. Where ever a real man dwells-
In the depths of the real streets, In a caged prison cell or among the suits on Wall Street
The potential to overcome will always be Submitted by the actuality dwelled.
The totality of a man's life is fit
For a successful paradise not a poor hell. Though the serpentines deceive still-
We must overpower devious torment
In order to escape the afflictions of life's devastations.
Real men defeat all that will attempt
To stress their life!
The Pinnacle of a Man is to conquer self! The process of self-actualization brings Wholeness with each emancipated heartbeat felt."

"Street Duez (Paid)"

"In his valor days of old he rode high with-
Time-Bomb-Loc , Gangsta-Dre(C.I.P), BIGG Simm( Lefty Westward ), Killa , J-Bone,
Julian Junphi Clowers , and Bigg Pookie Loc (C.I.P).
MR.BIGMANN embodies titanium nerves and no fear.
From the courageous womb of MaCon nights to anywhere, swerving in the "Blue Ghost ";
Banging "Crip-Hop" with Loccish LilMann,
Bigg Maddogg & Scrapp-Loc, rip-riding non-stop.
Undergoing multiple blue moons behind the gun.
His hustle energy accounted abundant cash stock,
Thus, he is coming home on an ethical, financial money run.
Loccish homies and adversaries confirm-
His esteemed street duez!
He was known to be Crip-Confident,
With an attitude of Gangster demand.
Women admired his assertive ways
As he C'walked in his dicc-doggs.
His sexual healing Inspired climaxful feelings.
No matter wrong or right-
All night he was down to fight.
The streets beats within his Trueblue heart.
Always down to Loccish ride;
For the life he lead was his might.
Respectfully liquor was poured for the
Loccish loved ones "L.I.P" out of sight.
His love extended countywide with money orders;
For the Monday and Friday store calls.
His pad accepted every collect call.
Only the 1st generation of loccish riders will recall.
Today he fathoms that,
His flesh is temporary and God has made his Spirit whole!
Today he inspirationally writes RealityPoetry, and articulates reality-truth jewels;
Optimistically feeding a fortifying bread
To the young adults and beyond.
MR.BIGMANN's vengeance is God!
His street duez were paid,
MaCon no mistakes begetting his
Now righteous revelation!
Thou shall not debase his encouraging heart.
Forevermore he will endow positive
Solutions towards making a difference
Upon all debased hearts.
If you haven't lived the ganglife it's
Hard to understand the debased hearts.
Forevermore his Spirit is God!
Enriching the ride for the urban class,
To drive their life pass the gun,
Around prison and towards-
Avoiding an early grave.
MR.BIGMANN's reality-inspiration are
Jewels of encouraging peace,
Positivity and Prosperity. "

"Impurities reformed Purifies"

"Finding your other self intentionally times when in crisis. Living has greater efficiency when you begin to know that Thyself! Life is lived Morally by allowing positivity to dwell within you and rejecting immoral negativity. Finding peace through God brings peace, peacefully within life, thinking right empowers living righteously. You can’t think wrong and purify yourself; think right and be righteous. Refurbished impurities purify self; it comes with breaking an impure mold and cleansing yourself. Chance is the perception of “if”; therefore don’t engage in impurities myth. Faith is the law that purifies life. By faith the world we live was created not from “what if”! Take control of your life dwelling in faith. Resolve fear with faith; renovate hate with love; replace anger with peace; redeem insecurity with confidence; renew weakness with strength; refrain from Impure influences; reawaken your life with purities. A refreshed life inspires reformed purification."

"RealityEssay: Victory Over Anger"

        Anger is a strong feeling of intense Injustice towards yourself, those important to you and all who you encounter. Anger is full of displeased emotions and hate. Hate that empowers forward bitterness within your heart; causing an angry rejection of living within the harmony of Happiness. Anger's attitude ridicules and keeps your life from a joyous peace.

        An angry individual is quick to acknowledge another's anger while denying the anger they have housed within themselves. He who will not acknowledge his own anger slowly mentally kills themselves. Attitude defines character; anger is an expression of an individual's characteristics. With anger, a lack of self-love leads to a numbing of the emotions to love and be loved. Anger confuses emotions. Living within a drowning of angry emotions leads to a resistance to evolve. Succumbing to anger will bring loneliness to your life. Do not live to die alone! For anger is a danger to your well-being.

        Love does not love anger love is confronted with anger when anger dwells within. Anger will hinder love from entering the heart's front door; even by self-inflicted anger. Lack of peace, self-control and kindness and indwelling within you results from that same anger. Frustrations, stress and anguished emotions are the winners of an angry heart. An angry heart affects health and its hostility manipulates to misery. With that love would eventually exit the back door of your life.

        Victory over anger begins when you identify your anger. If your past burdens are living as present internal burdens, you may be actuating external problems in your life. This living anger within your heart must be resolved; if not it will affect your future life experiences. You must overcome anger and bitterness. Releasing your anger will awaken peace within yourself. Peace will illuminate the mind and heart.

        Be willing to confess your anger openly to your God and anyone else who loves you so to help rid you of that anger. Do not reject their love and support. Rejecting the Peace of love that comes from the help will only suffocate your emotions and perpetuate more anxiety. Anger makes you indecisive, stressing your sane decisions. Being honest with yourself and identifying your anger will help you to relieve that anger.

        If you do not rid yourself of anger you will lose all who are within your life. No one is receptive to an angry attitude, bitterness, slander of rage. Your anger can congest others with turmoil and distract their road of Happiness they are on. Happiness is a way of life and anger is a killer. The two can never conjoin in Harmony. Manage, relieve and liberate your anger. Rid your anger victoriously by changing your self-inflicted anger into love. Love lives in peace!

        Once visible, anger is a clear expression of who you are. Continuously have victory over your enemy- anger. Detach the angry root and replace with the root of love. Inhabit peace within your heart.

Note: Depression & anxiety is an illness that can be cured.

"Believe in yourself everyday living life from the inside out. For the kingdom of God is within you! Meditate in faith!

Pray in faith! Live in faith!
Alliance your thoughts & emotions as one feeling wholeheartedly believing in your heart's desire. For then, all will be inspired from within your faith; you will reap in faith surely as you believe in faith."

Cartoon Graphic of MR.BIGMANN Grier